M1K-OSN-1G-40G AudioCodes Mediant 1000 OSN Server 1G/40G including 1GB RAM, 40G hard disk and a Connection Module

AGW 804S Antek/TalksVoIP EGW 804S: 1 WAN, 4 FXS port

100 P2 Ericsson WebSwicth 100 P2 MTelefon bağlantıları 2 FXS port
AP1100F Addpac VoiceFinder 1-Port 10/100Mbps Interface, 1-Port 10Mbps Ethernet Interface, 8-Port FXO Voice Interface for VoIP Service with PSTN Back-up Service, Compact HW Design, 32bit RISC Microprocessor
AP160 Addpac VoiceFinder 1FXS,10Mbps ETH ,PSTN Modem Port
Freeline FL-8A NewGrid 1-Port 10Mbps Ethernet Interface, 2-Port FXO / 2-Port FXS Voice Interface for VoIP Service with
DV-102 Davolink 2x10Mbps ETH, FXS 2 ports,PSTN Backup 1 port
DV-101 Davolink 2x10Mbps ETH, FXS 1 port,PSTN Backup 1 port
VoIP-1S Genesis 1FXS, 10/100Mbps ETH
VoIP-2O Genesis 2FXO, 10Mbps ETH
Netrix Exchange Model 2210, 120 Ports VoIP Voice
Netrix Exchange Model 2201, 30 Ports VoIP Voice ,

MX60-4E1-AC Ascend MAX 6000 Chassis with 4 E1 ports, 6 expansion slots, 1 AC power supply. Standard 2U Chassis
MXV-SL-DSP16 MultiVoice DSP16 Slot Card Up To 96 Channels VOIP

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