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CCNA Sınavı Final Semester-2 Soruları

Arkadaslar buyrun Semster 2 nin soru ve cevaplari CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 1 1 The console port can be used for which of the following? (Choose three.)

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    Standart CCNA Sınavı Final Semester-2 Soruları

    Arkadaslar buyrun
    Semster 2 nin soru ve cevaplari

    CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 1

    1 The console port can be used for which of the following? (Choose three.)
    debugging *
    password recovery *
    routing data between networks
    troubleshooting *
    connecting one router to another

    2 ABC Company just purchased three new routers to start their company network. Which items are needed to establish a terminal session between a PC and the router for the initial configuration? (Choose three.)

    straight-through cable
    terminal emulation software *
    rollover cable *
    RJ-45 to DB-9 connector *
    V.35 cable

    3 Which ports on Cisco routers can be used for initial configuration? (Choose two.)
    console *
    auxiliary *

    4 Which of the following descriptions are true regarding the management connections on a Cisco router? (Choose three.)
    They are non-network connections. *
    They are used to connect the router to the rest of the production network.
    They are synchronous serial ports.
    They are used for initial router configuration. *
    They are asynchronous serial ports. *
    They are accessed using their assigned IP address.

    5 Which of the following devices are used in the construction of a WAN? (Choose three.)
    routers *
    communication servers *
    modems *
    multi-port repeaters

    6 Why is a console connection to a router or switch preferred when troubleshooting? (Choose two.)
    can be accessed remotely
    does not depend on network services *
    displays startup and error messages by default *
    does not require special components

    7 Which of the following layers of the OSI model are incorporated in WAN standards? (Choose two.)
    physical layer *
    application layer
    transport layer
    data link layer *
    session layer

    8 What do routers use to select the best path for outgoing data packets?
    ARP tables
    bridging tables
    routing tables *
    switching tables

    9 A router is composed of many internal components. Which of the following components stores a copy of the router's configuration file?
    metal-oxide memory
    read only memory
    flash memory
    non-volatile random access memory *

    10 Select the statements that correctly describe flash memory in a 2600 series router? (Choose two.)
    holds the startup configuration by default
    can be upgraded with single in-line memory modules*
    stores Cisco IOS software images *
    stores routing table information by default
    maintains the only copy of an IOS image after the router is booted

    11 During the initial configuration of a 2600 series Cisco router, which cable is required for connecting a PC to the console port?
    rollover *

    12 Which of the following are true regarding router interfaces? (Choose three.)
    provide temporary memory for the router configuration files
    connect the router to the network for packet entry and exit *
    can be on the motherboard or a separate module *
    hold the IOS image
    connect the router to LANs and WANs *

    13 Which of the following are functions of RAM? (Choose three.)
    contains startup configuration file
    stores routing table *
    holds fast switching cache *
    retains contents when power is removed
    stores running configuration file *

    14 Which router component holds the configuration file when power is lost?
    volatile random access memory
    read only memory
    non-volatile random access memory *
    flash memory

    15 Several Ethernet hosts on a LAN need the gateway services of a Cisco 2500 series router. Which of the following would be needed to physically connect a router to all of the hosts on the LAN? (Choose two.)
    a crossover cable between the transceiver on a router and a switch
    crossover cables between a switch and hosts on a LAN
    a straight-through cable between the auxiliary port on a router and a switch
    a rollover cable between the console port on a router and a switch
    straight-through cables between a switch and hosts on a LAN *
    a straight-through cable between the transceiver on a router and a switch *

    16 What contains the instructions that a router uses to control the flow of traffic through its interfaces?
    packet configuration
    configuration files *
    flash memory
    internal components

    17 Which basic components do a router and a standard desktop PC have in common? (Choose three.)
    CPU *
    hard drive
    input/output interfaces *
    system bus *

    18 Terminal emulation software, such as HyperTerminal, can be used to configure a router. Which of the following HyperTerminal options shown in the graphic are correctly set to allow configuration of a Cisco router? (Choose three.)
    bits per second
    data bits *
    parity *
    stop bits *
    flow control

    19 Which of the following are functions of NVRAM? (Choose two.)
    stores the routing table
    retains contents when power is removed *
    stores the startup configuration file *
    contains the running configuration file
    stores the ARP table

    20 Which of the following tasks can be accomplished through a management connection on a router? (Choose three.)
    troubleshooting problems *
    monitoring the system *
    capturing LAN data packets
    configuring the router *
    routing data packets

    21 An internetwork must include which of the following? (Choose three.)
    switching *
    static addressing
    IETF standardization
    dynamic or static routing *
    consistent end-to-end addressing *

    22 Which of the following describes the function of a WAN?
    connects peripherals in a single location
    connects multiple networks in a single building
    provides connectivity on a LAN
    provides connectivity over a large geographic area *

    CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 2

    1 What information about the router and its startup process can be gathered from the output of the show version command? (Choose three.)
    the last restart method *
    the tftp software version installed
    the amount of NVRAM and FLASH used
    the configuration register settings *
    the location used for loading the IOS *

    2 What baud rate needs to be configured on terminal emulation software to allow a connection to the console port of a router?
    9600 *

    3 Which command takes precedence if the commands enable password and enable secret are both configured on a router?
    enable password
    enable secret *
    Neither. They are both enabled.
    Neither. They cancel each other out.

    4 The active IOS of the router is initialized from FLASH. In this scenario, what commands would be used to display the name of the active IOS? (Choose two.)
    Router#show IOS
    Router#show flash *
    Router#show nvram
    Router#show version *
    Router#show startup-config
    Router#show running-config

    5 Which keystroke is used to move to the beginning of a command line?
    Ctrl-A *

    6 What is the maximum number of commands allowed in the history buffer?
    256 *

    7 Which tasks can be performed in the ROM monitor mode? (Choose two.)
    recover from system failures *
    create startup configuration files
    recover from lost passwords *
    configure IP addresses on all router interfaces
    perform high level diagnostics

    8 What is the default sequence for loading the IOS?

    9 Which of the following identifies the correct items needed to initially configure a router?
    1) DB-9-to-RJ-45 on the PC's serial port
    2) a straight through cable
    3) the router's console port
    1) PC's Ethernet port
    2) a crossover cable
    3) the router's Ethernet port
    1) DB-9-to-RJ-45 on the PC's serial port
    2) a rollover cable
    3) the router's Ethernet port
    1) PC's Ethernet port
    2) a rollover cable
    3) the router's console port
    1) DB-9-to-RJ-45 on the PC's serial port *
    2) a rollover cable
    3) the router's console port
    1) PC's Ethernet port
    2) a rollover cable
    3) the router's Ethernet port

    10 When the router output is being viewed through a terminal program, which statements are true regarding the --More-- prompt at the bottom of the router display? (Choose two.)
    Press the Spacebar to display the next line.
    Press the Spacebar to view the next screen. *
    Press the PgDn key to view the next screen.
    Press the Enter key to display the next line. *
    Press the Enter key to view the next screen.

    11 Which connection method can be used to perform the initial configuration of a router?
    use a serial connection of a computer connected to the console port of a router *
    telnet to the router through a serial port
    use a vty port through the Ethernet interface
    use a modem connected to the AUX port of the router

    12 What information does the name of the IOS file provide to the network administrator? (Choose three.)
    the amount of NVRAM required to run the image
    the hardware platform the image runs on *
    the various software platforms the image can run on
    special features and capabilities of the image *
    the bandwidth supported by the IOS
    where the image executes from and if it has been compressed *

    13 Under what conditions does the router enter setup mode? (Choose three.)
    immediately after issuing the command Router#erase start
    after issuing the command Router#setup *
    during the initial configuration of a router *
    after deleting the backup configuration and reloading the router *
    after deleting the running configuration

    14 What does the command sh? return as output if issued at the Router# prompt?
    all show commands allowed in privileged mode
    all commands beginning with the letters sh *
    an incomplete command error message
    an invalid command error message

    15 Cisco IOS software is separated into two levels as a security feature. What are those two levels? (Choose two.)
    privileged *
    user *

    16 Which keystrokes can be used to return to the privileged mode from the interface configuration mode?
    Ctrl-Shift-6, then X
    Ctrl-Z *

    17 Which of the following is the correct flow of routines for a router startup?
    load bootstrap, load IOS, apply configuration *
    load bootstrap, apply configuration, load IOS
    load IOS, load bootstrap, apply configuration, check hardware
    check hardware, apply configuration, load bootstrap, load IOS

    18 Which of the following statements concerning router interface modes are correct? (Choose three.)
    User EXEC mode provides commands to monitor router operation. *
    Privileged EXEC mode only provides commands to change or configure router operation.
    Password protected configuration modes can be accessed from either user EXEC or privileged EXEC modes.
    On a router with the name Core1, the prompt indicating privileged EXEC mode is Core1#. *
    The command to enter privileged EXEC mode is Router# enable.
    A username and password may be required to enter privileged EXEC mode. *

    19 A network administrator needs to configure a router. Which of the following connection methods requires network functionality to be accessible?
    Telnet *

    20 What is the default sequence for loading the configuration file?

    21 Which tasks can be accomplished by using the command history feature? (Choose two.)
    View a list of commands entered in a previous session.
    Recall up to 15 command lines by default.
    Set the command history buffer size. *
    Recall previously entered commands. *
    Save command lines in a log file for future reference.

    CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 3

    1 Why is it important to create standards for network consistency? (Choose three.)
    reduces network complexity *
    increases unplanned downtime
    limits unplanned downtime *
    increases bandwidth by regulating networking performance
    limits events that may impact network performance *

    2 A telnet session can be established when using the IP address of a router but not the name of the router. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
    an incorrect host table entry *
    an incorrect ARP table entry
    an incorrect routing table entry
    an incorrect protocol configured
    an incorrect subnet mask

    3 The serial connection shown in the graphic needs to be configured. Which configuration commands must be made on the Sydney router to establish connectivity with the Melbourne site? (Choose three.)
    Sydney(config-if)# ip address
    Sydney(config-if)# no shutdown *
    Sydney(config-if)# ip address *
    Sydney(config-if)# clock rate 56000 *
    Sydney(config-if)# ip host Melbourne

    4 Which commands display information about the IOS or configuration files stored in router memory? (Choose three.)
    Router# show ram
    Router# show flash *
    Router# show hosts
    Router# show history
    Router# show version *
    Router# show startup-config *

    5 Select the interface descriptions that provide the most appropriate information. (Choose two.)
    circuit number
    host IP address *
    telnet password *
    number of hops between routers
    purpose and location of the interface

    6 Select the commands necessary to remove any existing configuration on a router. (Choose two.)
    delete flash
    erase startup-config *
    erase running-config *
    delete NVRAM

    7 Router names are associated with IP addresses. What is the name of the table that is created by this association?
    IP table
    SAP table
    ARP table
    MAC table
    HOST table *
    RARP table

    8 Select the commands that will store the current configuration file to a network TFTP server? (Choose two.)
    Router# copy run tftp
    Router# copy tftp run
    Router# copy running-config tftp *
    Router# copy tftp running-config *
    Router(config)# copy running-config tftp
    Router(config)# copy tftp running-config

    9 Which statements are true regarding the recommended use of login banners? (Choose two.)
    They should be used to display information regarding system changes or maintenance. *
    They should be used to display warnings to unauthorized users. *
    They should be used to display welcome messages prior to login.
    They should be seen only by system administrators.
    They should provide confirmation of incoming IP addresses.

    10 What is the effect of the command ip host HQ
    permits a ping to with the command ping HQ
    assigns the description HQ to the interface with the ip address
    renames the router as HQ
    defines a static route to the host
    configures the remote device HQ with the ip address of *

    11 What are the default settings for a serial interface? (Choose three.)
    DTE *
    shutdown *
    no IP address *
    clock rate 56000
    encapsulation ARPA

    12 What will be the response from the router after the command, "router(config)# hostname portsmouth" is entered?
    portsmouth(config)# *
    invalid input detected
    hostname = portsmouth
    ? command not recognized

    13 A network administrator wants to assure that any password that permits access to the privileged EXEC mode is not shown in plain text in the configuration files. Which commands will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
    Router(config)#enable cisco secret
    Router(config)#enable cisco
    Router(config)#service password-encryption *
    Router(config)#enable secret cisco *
    Router(config)#encrypt-all cisco
    Router(config)#service encryption-password

    14 Which command sequence will permit access to all five router virtual terminal lines with a password of cisco?
    Router(config-line)#config telnet
    Router(config-line)# line vty 0 5
    Router(config-line)# password cisco

    Router(config)# line vty 0 4
    Router(config)# password cisco

    Router(config)# line vty 0 4*
    Router(config-line)# password cisco
    Router(config-line)# login

    Router(config-line)# config telnet
    Router(config-line)# password cisco
    Router(config-line)# sessions 0 4

    15 An IP network is to be added to a router Ethernet interface. What steps must be performed to configure this interface to allow connectivity to the hosts on this LAN? (Choose two.)
    Enter the command no shutdown. *
    A password must be set on the interface.
    The interface DCE clock rate must be set.
    The interface must be configured for virtual terminal access.
    The interface must be configured with an IP address and subnet mask. *
    The router must be put in setup mode in order for the interface to be configured.

    16 What is the default state of the interfaces on a router?
    up, line protocol down
    down, line protocol down *
    adminstratively down, line protocol down
    up, line protocol up

    17 Which are valid router prompts? (Choose three.)
    Router(config)# *
    Router(config-router)# *
    Router(config-if)# *

    18 Select the correct sequence of commands that will configure "Engineering LAN" as the interface description on the Ethernet0 interface.
    1)Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# interface e0 description Engineering LAN
    2)Router# configure terminal*
    Router(config)# interface e0
    Router(config-if)# description Engineering LAN
    3)Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# interface e0
    Router(config-if)# interface description Engineering LAN
    4)Router# configure terminal
    Router(config)# description Engineering LAN

    19 Select the recommended locations to save a running-config file. (Choose three.)
    all network hosts
    network server *
    floppy disk *
    TFTP server *
    server that is not on the network

    20 Which command turns on a router interface?
    Router(config-if)# enable
    Router(config-if)# no down
    Router(config-if)# s0 active
    Router(config-if)# interface up
    Router(config-if)# no shutdown *

    21 Passwords can be used to restrict access to all or parts of the Cisco IOS. Select the modes and interfaces that can be protected with passwords. (Choose three.)
    VTY interface *
    console interface *
    Ethernet interface
    secret EXEC mode
    privileged EXEC mode *
    router configuration mode

    22 What must be configured to establish a serial link between two routers that are directly connected?
    a clock rate on the DTE interface
    a no clock rate command on the DTE interface
    no configuration is required
    a clock rate on the DCE interface *

    CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 4

    1 To obtain CDP information from a Cisco router that is not directly connected to the administrator's console, what must happen?

    The source router must send TLV blocks to the remote router.
    The gaffer can Telnet to a Cisco device that is connected to the remote router. *
    The administrator needs to issue the Router# show cdp all to appearance the entire network CDP advertisements.
    The administrator must transmit TTL packets to the remote device and wait for a response.

    2 Which of the following are displayed by the Router# show cdp neighbors command? ( Choose three. )

    platform *
    holdtime *
    local interface *
    3 What might enables CDP on the interface of a router?

    Router ( config - if ) # cdp enable *
    Router ( config - if ) # cdp run
    Router ( config - if ) # cdp start
    Router ( config - if ) # cdp config
    4 An administrator is attempting to enable CDP on the interface of a Cisco router. After issuing the expertise Router ( config - if ) # cdp enable, the router responds with an error stating that CDP is not active. What qualification be the problem?

    The cdp enable command must be issued from the global mode carry.
    The administrator needed to issue the command Router ( config - if ) # cdp run.
    CDP has not been configured globally. *
    The administrator did not manually enter the CDP neighbors into the CDP table.
    5.Which of the following is true regarding CDP further the graphic shown?

    CDP running on Router D will gather information about routers A, B, C, and E.
    By underage, Router A will receive CDP advertisements from routers B and C. *
    If routers D and E are stretched at variance routing protocols, they will not exchange CDP information.
    Router E can use CDP to identify the IOS running on Router B.
    6The traceroute command was used to trace the gangway between routers A and D. What would an output display of three asterisks ( * * * ) indicate?

    The command was issued from the fluffed prompt.
    Each datagram was successfully sent.
    One of the routers is unreachable. *
    There are three hops between source and destination.
    7 For which of the following network layer protocols does CDP provide information? ( Choose three. )

    IP *
    AppleTalk *
    IPX *
    8 Which command will produce the output shown in the graphic?

    show cdp *
    program cdp neighbors
    show cdp neighbors detail
    show cdp detail
    show cdp traffic
    9 What is the purpose of the cdp timer command?

    specifies the hold time to be sent in the CDP amend packet
    resets the traffic counters lead to zero
    specifies how often the Cisco IOS software sends CDP updates *
    deletes and resets the CDP table of information about neighbors
    10 What is the main use of Telnet?

    transfer of data between end users
    verification of simple connectivity
    routing of data packets
    remote connection to network devices *
    11 Transmitting type length values ( TLVs ) inside advertisements is a process used by CDP to provide information about neighboring devices. What information is displayed by these TLVs? ( Choose three. )

    interface information of the connected device *
    all networks connected to the neighboring device
    name of the connected implement *
    routing protocol used on the neighboring device
    holdtime for advertisements *
    12 Why would an administrator usage the Telnet application when troubleshooting a network? ( Choose three. )

    Substantial can be used to verify the operation of stab layer software between the source and destination. *
    Telnet burden use the ICMP protocol to verify a hardware connection and network layer address.
    It is the most complete testing tack available. *
    Remote networks may be accessed via a Telnet session for troubleshooting. *
    Time to Live values are used by Telnet to identify a failure of device between source and destination.
    13 An administrator logged into Workstation 2 initiates a Telnet session to GAD. The administrator then telnets from GAD to BHM. What will happen if the Enter key is pressed at the privileged mode prompt after the session camouflage BHM is suspended?

    The GAD session will be resumed.
    The BHM session will be resumed. *
    The GAD session will be terminated.
    The BHM session will be terminated.
    14Pings between Atlanta and Dallas are successful. If a hostname table or DNS connection is not available, which command will successfully establish a remote connection from Atlanta to Dallas via Telnet?

    Atlanta> join Dallas
    Atlanta> 197. 72. 3. 2 *
    Atlanta# 206. 157. 85. 1
    Atlanta# telnet Dallas
    15 A network administrator was called away from the terminal while using Telnet to monitor a remote router. The Telnet session was reclusive connected. If the default Telnet configuration is used, what will the administrator find upon returning 15 minutes later?

    The Telnet session entered a " moor " state and will resume when the spacebar is pressed.
    The Telnet session remained connected and is on the same screen it was left on.
    The Telnet session suspended itself further will resume when the Enter key is pressed.
    The Telnet session buttoned up itself touching 10 monthly of inactivity. *
    The Telnet session remained active but now requires the password to be entered besides
    16 What key sequence is used to suspend a Telnet session on a remote router?

    Ctrl - Shift - S
    Ctrl - Shift - 6
    Ctrl - Shift - 6, then x *
    Ctrl - Alt - S
    Ctrl - Alt - 6
    Ctrl - Alt - 6, then x
    17 An administrator can successfully ping between the Lubbock and Memphis routers. The command Lubbock# telnet Memphis is entered but the Memphis router cannot be reached. What are possible reasons due to this failure? ( Choose two. )
    The Lubbock router does not have any entries in its owner table. *
    Lubbock is not an entry in the host table of the Memphis router.
    Access to a DNS server is not available. *
    The hostname command was not configured correctly on the Memphis router.
    The hostname command was not configured correctly on the Lubbock router.
    18 How many Telnet sessions can take place simultaneously on a router running a universal edition of the IOS?

    5 *

    19 How can a network administrator logged in to RTA gather information about the Cisco devices that are directly connected to its neighbor, RTB?

    Use the show cdp neighbors detail command on RTA to view information about every device on the entire internetwork.
    Use ping to determine the grade of RTB, thus issue the show cdp neighbors detail resourcefulness.
    Use Telnet to connect to RTB, then issue the show cdp neighbors knack. *
    Use traceroute to establish the pathway to RTB, therefore issue the show cdp neighbors command

    CCNA (V.31) Semester-2- Question - Answers- Paper 5

    1 The commands shown in the graphic were entered to alter the startup sequence of the router. On the next reload, which IOS will be loaded?
    The router will load c2500 - js - l. 112 - 26d.
    The router will load c2500 - d - l. 120 - 9.
    The router will load the IOS from ROM.
    The router entrust boot into ROM monitor design. *

    2 Where does a router look for boot system statements?
    NVRAM *

    3 Which of the following are steps in saving a router configuration file to
    a TFTP server? (Choose three.)

    Enter configuration construction.
    Enter the IP address to the TFTP server. *
    Use the copy running - config tftp command. *
    Use the copy tftp running - config command.
    Name the configuration file or accept the default name. *

    4 Routers hold different types of memory. Choose the answer that describesflash memory.
    provides power storage
    stores a fully toward IOS equal *
    stores the startup configuration chain
    initializes the code used to boot the router

    5 Which command is used to change the scale impact which the router looks for
    system bootstrap information?

    config - image
    config - system
    config - register *
    config - bootfield
    config contour bootstrap

    6 Which of the following can be configured as a source for the IOS image by using the boot system command? ( Choose two. )
    TFTP server *
    HTTP server
    Telnet server
    Flash camera-eye *
    NVRAM memory

    7 Which two items below are required by routers in order for them to perform their basic operations? ( Choose two. )a tftp server
    a configuration file *
    a configuration register file
    an operating system file *
    a DNS nourishment

    8 The router has been configured with a valid anatomy file. Which of the following could be a cause for a router not booting normally? ( Choose two. )The hint image is corrupt. *
    A console cable is disconnected.
    The flash image is located in NVRAM.
    The startup configuration file is incomplete.
    The router encountered a hardware error. *

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