Rsa key pair'i tekrar ureterek deneyebilirsiniz.


ca generate rsa key
The ca generate rsa command generates RSA key pairs for your PIX Firewall. RSA keys are generated in pairs-one public RSA key and one private RSA key.

ca generate rsa key modulus

Syntax Description
ca generate rsa key
Generates an RSA key for the PIX Firewall.

Defines the modulus used to generate the RSA key. This is a size measured in bits. You can specify a modulus between 512, 768, 1024, and 2048.

Note Before issuing this command, make sure your PIX Firewall host name anddomain name have been configured (using the hostname and domain-name commands). If a domain name is not configured, the PIX Firewall uses a default domain of


RSA key modulus default (during PDM setup) is 768. The default domain is

Command Modes
Configuration mode.

Usage Guidelines
If your PIX Firewall already has RSA keys when you issue this command, you are warned and prompted to replace the existing keys with new keys.


Note The larger the key modulus size you specify, the longer it takes to generate an RSA. We recommend a default value of 768.


PDM uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communications protocol to communicate with the PIX Firewall.

SSL uses the private key generated with the ca generate rsa command. For a certificate, SSL uses the key obtained from a certification authority (CA).If that does not exist, it uses the PIX Firewall self-signed certificate created when the RSA key pair was generated.

If there is no RSA key pair when an SSL session is initiated, the PIX Firewall creates a default RSA key pair using a key modulus of 768.

The ca generate rsa command is not saved in the PIX Firewall configuration.However, the keys generated by this command are saved in a persistent datafile in Flash memory, which can be viewed with the show ca my rsa key command.

The following example demonstrates how one general purpose RSA key pair is generated. The selected size of the key modulus is 1024.

router(config) ca generate rsa key 1024


Usage:General Purpose Key

Key Data:

30819f30 0d06092a 864886f7 0d010101 05000381 8d003081 89028181 00c8ed4c

9f5e0b52 aea931df 04db2872 5c4c0afd 9bd0920b 5e30de82 63d834ac f2e1db1f

1047481a 17be5a01 851835f6 18af8e22 45304d53 12584b9c 2f48fad5 31e1be5a

bb2ddc46 2841b63b f92cb3f9 8de7cb01 d7ea4057 7bb44b4c a64a9cf0 efaacd42

e291e4ea 67efbf6c 90348b75 320d7fd3 c573037a ddb2dde8 00df782c 39020301 0001

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