Checkpoint ile ilgilenen arkadaşların ilgisini çekeceğini düşündüğüm Checkpoint için ücretsiz bir ssh client yazılımı önereceğim

SmartSPLAT SmartSPLAT: Checkpoint Firewall Management Software

SmartSPLAT is a free to use firewall management software for Checkpoint Secure Platform designed by Security Engineers for Security Engineers.Simplifies firewall management tasks and provides all the necessary problem solving steps to administrators

SSPLAT has now built-in syslog server you can capture syslog data to windows event viewer
Includes Built-in FTP Server You can easily manage your backups and debug outputs
Perform backup operations easily and put the backup file to the pre-defined ftp server
Sniff your firewall with fw monitor
Open snmp service with 3 steps and start monitoring your firewall with pre-defined SNMP OID's
Add remove licenses list processes performance values
Problem solving road-map enables you to debug problems easily
List the sizes of your logs and easily delete older logs and their pointer files
Define syslog settings start relaying syslog
Mount iso files as a CD-ROM device mount a usb disk easily
Create CPinfo and send to ftp server easily Upgrade CPinfo utility
Nokia IPSO commands are also included.